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We have a huge selection of all types of materials for use in the design and sewing of clothing. As an importer of fabrics, we deal with the creation and sale of all kinds of materials that are widely used in weaving. You can make them, for example, great-looking suits.

The store's offer includes, among others, products such as suit fabric, which you can find in various color variations. In addition, its properties include no creases, which makes it ideal for designing elegant jackets or pants. Certainly, all items of clothing made from them will fit perfectly on every man.

We make every effort to ensure that our products are solid and have high aesthetic values.

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Fabrics and knitted fabrics

Are you looking for the perfect materials for suits, jackets and pants? We present strong and solid fabrics and knitted fabrics, thanks to which you will design great-looking, elegant clothing items. From the materials that you will find in our store you will also be able to make jackets and coats with high aesthetic value.

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Lining and pocket fabrics

It is particularly important to use them in the design and sewing of suits. Lining and pocket fabrics must show themselves well and be resistant to damage. When choosing the right materials, you need to consider how they will connect with the top of the jackets.

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ANDAR Catalog

We have fabrics for suits, suit jackets, jackets, coats, trousers, waistcoats, as well as evening dresses, and women's suits.

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